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Meeting Minutes April 28 2011

Greetings from your Exchequer-

Since I wasn't able to attend the meeting, II wanted to let the populace know that we currently have 1465.13 in the shire account.
I also wanted to put the word out that when officer elections come up in October, I am going to have to step down from this office.  If anyone is interested in becoming a deputy so I can show you the ropes (it's so much easier than it sounds), please feel free to get a hold of me.  There will be one more report due before elections.
Thank you all for your patience with my absence.

HL Runa Knarrarbringa
Exchequer, DREGATE

Greetings from you Arts & Science Champion- 
I wanted to make sure that you all knew that the championships are coming up in a few months and I want to give you all plenty of time to prepare for the Arts and Science section.  The theme is open.  Documentation is required, but it doesn't have to be kingdom level.  I want you to show me how the item you made is period....and a little documentation is really helpful if you plan on taking your items and displays to other competitions.
There will be a short question and answer with me and a judging group, so be prepared to talk up your skills.
If you have any questions or need help please get a hold of me.  If I can't help, I can find someone who can.
I would like to apologize for my absence this year.  It has been a bit challenging lately, and my family had to take priority.  Thank you for all your well wishes and patience.

HL Runa Knarrarbringa

A&S Champion, DREGATE

Vicki Leon
In the words of Ian, "Nice people are nice". On an off chance I asked Vicki Leon, the author of the uppity women series, if I could excerpt stories from her books for the Creakings. She wrote me back almost immediately and said she had attended many an SCA event and Ren faire in California. She said she was happy to give us permission as long as I exposed more people to her works! If you haven't read her books (and she has many) then you are missing out. They are interesting and funny and I am honored to share her wit and charm with any and all who are interested! Click on the picture to the left to visit her website.

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